Give to Game is a board gaming event in Austin, Texas, whose goal is to raise funds for the Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry. Come join us for a day of gaming!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Donations!

Marc Majcher has donated several copies of his game Fluffy Bunny Tea Party to Give to Game! The game is all about being ridiculously polite to the very players who are serving you game-losing desserts. Try to maintain your composure while doing this and maintaining your role as a bunny at a tea party!

Additionally, I just picked up a big game donation from Betty Dingus. Betty has donated to the past three Give to Games and has helped make the door prize table as awesome as it is. With this donation, I'm pretty confident that everyone will get to take home a game from the door prize table just for attending. Thank you Betty!

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